The Funda to win Session is simple and some-what logical also.

Today I am giving you some tips to win 90% of the session with my tips. Always bet on the session after first over- because you get all the details about how pitch behaving, Is there any swing or seam or not. Make sure you bet at the end of each over. Why? because if u see bet365 site you will find lot of insight on how many runs will score in next over(i.e under or over 7.5 if they give odd like 1.60 on under and 1.90 on above then 95% times runs will be under only so, in short, consider lower odd bet as a right one and then calculate your session runs ). When to call a session 'not' - Suppose team scored 60/0 runs in 5 over now one over to go in session completion. always make that session not in 6th over it will never pass and 90% of time wicket falls in that over. When to call session 'yes' - Suppose team scored 35/2 runs in 5 over now one over to go in session completion. always make that session yes in 6th over it will pass and 90% of time batsmen will hit four or six in that over. Now, How to bet on the second inning session? Applied same tips but there is one more tip exclusive to 2nd Inning also. If first batting team has made 52 runs in 6 overs and 2nd batting team made 10 runs in first over or more than average of Required run rate then you can bet all the session yes above 52 runs (like 53-54. 55-56 ) or below that even. It will be passed In Short, Always go opposite to the odds and straight prediction then only you can win in Match and lose less money.

How Do I Choose The team for the toss?

Always go with the home team or team who is going to flip the coin. You can consider any previous tournament and check how many time team flipping coin wins more toss then the calling team

5 Things you will find new in this Year IPL Season 11

Players can be transferred between teams After IPL total 25 Matches.
Yes, you heard it right this is the new rule.
Winning Amount to Winner this year is $ 4 Million ( 15.8 Crore) All the teams have away and home jersey.
If u haven't Notice that then Start noticing now.
IPL Playoff and first Match will be telecast on Doordarshan this year. (There will be a delay of 1 hour between live telecast and DD Telecast)

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